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Friday, September 24, 2010


That's right!  I said October"FETCH", because this week's "Feature Friday" is a one of the country's largest dog-centered celebrations, Fido's Festival USA, with a theme of "OctoberFETCH", taking place at the Salem County Fairgrounds in Woodstown, NJ on October 9-10, 2010 from 10am - 5pm.  This two day, dog centered, fun filled community and family event is produced by none other than our good friend Kathleen DeLuca, CMP, CSEP of Events Plus Inc.  Kathy is the founder and owner of Events Plus Inc for the past 12 years but is a 30 year event and meeting planning guru!  She is also the Immediate Past President for the International Special Events Society (ISES).

So you thought planning a single day event was tough! 
Try planning and organizing a two day festival for over 7,000 attendees, jam packed with fun and entertainment all geared around man's (and woman's) best friend.  Fido’s Festival USA is unique in that it combines a themed special event, a trade show, and a doggie conference all in a fun-filled festival atmosphere.
This dog lovers delight includes fall theme dog contests, entertainment, celebrities, health & wellness seminars, training demonstrations, family activites, vendors, sled dog demos and dock diving, a halloween parade and more!  There are also camping options at the event for those who like to "ruff" it.

Event Highlights
Well-known trainer and casting director for Animal Planet’s “Dogs 101” Dawn Wolfe will be on hand as one of the judges for the Pick-of-the-Patch Talent Contest and will be observing dogs to find new talent for her company, Pawsitively Famous Animal Actors.  In addition, The National Canine Cancer Foundation’s Lure for a Cure will be offering High Performance Lure Course racing, which is rapidly becoming an exciting sport in which dogs of all sizes and breeds can participate. Other unforgettable demonstrations include Xtreme Weather Kennels who will demonstrate and talk about what makes a sled dog team and, weather permitting, watch their dogs run; Ultimate Air Dogs professional team returns with their dock diving shows and volunteers to help new divers learn to jump in; and Camp Bow Wow will have lots of play time equipment for all dogs to enjoy during the event.

Dog rescues and shelters attend the event providing attendees with the opportunity to adopt their very own full grown dog or puppy who need a loving home.  Kathy told me last year over 15 dog shelters were involved in the event!

As Fido's Festival USA celebrates its third year, we asked Kathy what inspired her to create the event. 
"This event was created to celebrate the joy and privilege of being a lovable dog --any dog-- family, stray, or orphaned, and to acknowledge their unique gifts and talents, not just full breeds. It is the first dog-centered event to be all-inclusive to canines."
Recap & Attendees Rates
What:  Fido's Festival USA presents "OctoberFETCH"
When:  October 9-10, 2010
Time:  10am -5pm
Where:  Salem County Fairgrounds, 735 Route 40, Woodstown, NJ  (Exit 4 off I-295)
How much?: 
Advanced online tickets are $7 per person per day or $12 per person weekend pass.
Tickets at the gate are $10 per person per day or $18 per person weekend pass.
Children 12 and under and dogs are free!!

For more information about Fido's Festival USA, click here or contact one of the festival organizers:
Kathleen DeLuca, CMP, CSEP  kathy@fidosfestivalusa.com
Jackie Gordon  jackie@fidosfestivalusa.com
Andrew Fau  andrew@fidosfestivalusa.com

Hope to see you at the festival!!  No breeding papers required!  ;o)

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Have an "event"-ful weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

An Eco-Friendly Out of the "Box" Product!

Welcome to "Feature Friday!" 
This week's hot pick?  Creative Custom Card Boxes!

There is no doubt that brides and Event Professionals love this product as Creative Custom Card Boxes was the winner of the 2009 Brides Choice Awards on WeddingWire, Featured in Eco Beautiful Weddings Magazine as an Editor in Chief's Pick  and soon to be on WE TV's Platinum Weddings!  These beautiful hand crafted card boxes, designed by mother-daughter team Marni Gold and Linda Protovin of River Edge, New Jersey, are the perfect way for brides to personalize their wedding.  But.....Creative Custom Card Boxes are not just for weddings!  They can be customized to fit any event theme such as Sweet 16's and Bat Mitvah's,  Baby Showers, Anniversary's and Non-Profit event functions

Each hand painted Card Box can be made to order in any color to match your event, with coordinating ribbon and optional embellishments such as Swarovski Crystals, pearls, feathers, and personalized logo plaques. They come in a square or round boxes (or a combination of both), and in 1 to 4 tiered options with dimensions of the boxes based on your overall number of guests.

We asked owner Marni Gold how the idea of Creative Custom Card Boxes came to be and here's what she said:
"I came to the wedding and party business in a slightly different way than many.  I'm a trained singer and experienced voice teacher who studied opera and musical theater in college, and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance from the University of Central Florida.  My performance career took me to Germany, England and Italy, where I was inspired to share my passion for music through teaching.  After attaining my Master's Degree in Education, I taught at the local high schools in New Jersey and now teach private voice lessons at a music school in New Jersey.

I was planning my wedding in 2008 and was searching for a unique and secure way to store gifts and cards at the wedding reception.  Frustrated with the gaudy, tacky, and just plain expensive options I came across, my mom and I decided to create an eco-friendly custom card box that was simple, elegant and understated that still corresponded with my wedding colors and theme.  This was a natural fit with both our years of entertaining and decor experience, and so the idea of Creative Custom Card Boxes was born!"

This mother-daughter team understands the importance of personalization and exchanges fabric swatches, photographs, and other items of importance with their clients for inspiration when designing the custom card boxes.  They also pride themselves in making sure their card boxes and other products remain as affordable as possible.  (But we'll get to price point later on in the blog!)
What does C. Brower & Co love about Creative Custom Card Boxes?
The Brower Power Design Team loves all the options and fine details offered by Creative Custom Card Boxes (and our fans know we are all about the details!), but we really love the fact that the creative artistry of these boxes are all Eco-friendly.  Each box is handcrafted out of heavy duty Eco-friendly recycled paper mache, then hand painted using durable acrylic paint.

How can I keep my cards secure during the event and how do I remove them afterwards?
The lid on the two tier box is actually glued shut, with ribbons securing both tiers in place.  Cards are retrieved through the back of the box and you have the option to add a free security closure for extra added security at your event.  You can request this feature when filling out your Design Specifiation Form during checkout on the website or you can call with your special request.

What other options and products does Creative Custom Card Boxes offer?

In addition to the 1 to 4 tier boxes, Creative Custom Card Boxes offers the "Guest Wishes" Guest Book Box.  It's an innovative new alternative to the standard guest book used at weddings and other social occassions, or the wish trees often used at non-profit events.  Guests fill out wish cards with their thoughts, feelings, best wishes and blessings for the guests of honor and insert them into the "Guest Wishes" box.  It echos the design of the Creative Custom Card Box, reflecting the colors and style of the event, but more importantly it makes a wonderful keepsake!    
In addition, hand crafted custom cake table decor letters and monogram cake toppers are available.  They are a beautiful and budget friendly way to give your wedding cake table or any part of your reception that little special touch.

Price Point?
Creative Custom Card Boxes prices are fantastic!  They range from as low as $60 - $125 with additional pricing for add-on embellishments.  Visit their website at http://www.creativecustomcardboxes.com/ for more information on embellishment options and to place an order

For additional questions about Creative Custom Card Boxes, contact Marni Gold at 888-315-9296 or info@creativecustomcardboxes.com
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Oh....almost forgot!  Please join me in wishing Marni a very Happy Birthday today! 

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Have an “event”-ful weekend!!!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Tour the Town! Destination: RHNJ

Did you think we were just going to feature products and vendors on our "Feature Friday" and not share with you some cool events?   If you thought that you were wrong!  Of course we're going to keep you in the know of some of the latest and greatest happenings going on!

This week’s “Feature Friday” shares with our readers a super cool event coming up that we just learned about on facebook, so get ready to save the date, October 22, 2010.

Who out there is a RHNJ fan??
If you raised your hand you are going to love this event: The New Jersey Housewives Tour!

The New Jersey Housewives Tour is a motor coach tour of Northern New Jersey that will visit various locations made famous by the hit Reality TV Show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” including local eateries, salons, homes and more. The full day tour includes a four course lunch at The Brownstone (no tipping over tables allowed Teresa fans!) as well as shopping at Posche!  And…..each attendee will receive a goodie bag of fun New Jersey related items.

What could be better than that?
The cost of this event is $95 but for a limited time there is a special rate of only $75.

How did this tour come about?
The show organizer, an independent event management company, lives and works in the area that the RHNJ is filmed and many of the places featured on the show are part of their everyday lives. Friends and family thought it was “cool” that they have their nails done at the same place featured on the show, or that they see many of the housewives around town. So many friends and family had asked to be driven around town when they visited and be shown the featured locations the idea for the tour was born!

If you would like to register for The New Jersey Housewives Tour, see the famous sites the RHNJ frequent, and have lunch at the Brownstone, click here to register for the event. For questions about the tour call 973-628-0007 or e-mail njhousewivestour@aol.com.  Dont forget to join the facebook page at The NJ Housewives Tour and chat with your fellow Housewives fans!
Hope to see you on the tour!


Friday, September 3, 2010

It's All About YouBooth!!

Welcome to our next segment of “Feature Friday!” This week’s hot pick is the YouBooth from 5th Avenue Digital.

What is a YouBooth, you ask?  
YouBooth is a new streamlined and modern version of the old-fashioned photo booth.  5th Avenue Digital has deconstructed the old kind of photobooth, taking away the walls so people can move around freely in front of the camera. It’s a great entertainment element for corporate or social events – fun, interactive, and instant gratification as guests can have their photos printed out instantly to take home! What a great party favor for guests to walk away with at your event!
Ummmm…. what happens if my guests leave and forget to take their photos?
No need to worry because the folks at 5th Avenue Digital have got that one covered! They can send you the links to all your event photos so your guests can have copies for their website or photo albums or just to share with colleagues, family and friends.

What does C. Brower & Co love about the YouBooth?
Besides the fact that its tons of fun (and our design and production team loves fun!), we love that the YouBooth is compact and attractive, just like a piece of modern furniture. It’s a beautifully varnished birch wood chest with a plexiglass top, roughly the height of an average adult. For event designers there is nothing worse than having your guests walk into an event tripping over tripods and large set ups and gadgets that stick out like a sore thumb. YouBooth takes care of all that mess and blends right in creating an aesthetically pleasing look that draws people in because all the elements (camera, printer, paper) are self contained in the booth, giving a clean silhouette. Unlike traditional photobooths, this one is free standing with no cramped seating to squeeze into. You just stand in front of it, press the foot pedal and voila! Out come your photos!!  Pretty cool, huh?

Corporate clients – listen up! Social clients –you too!
YouBooth is available with a custom photo template that allows for branding for corporate events, or commemoration for weddings, Mitzvah’s, Sweet 16’s or other social occasions. The photo format can also be customized and programmed to deliver a series of images – two, three or even six images per sheet, in color or black and white and branded with your logo or message. In addition, YouBooth images can be simultaneously shown on large screens around the venue so everyone can share in the fun! Check out the latest video of YouBooth in action at the New York Methodist event at LaVenue. YouBooth was such a big hit that its line was bigger than the one at the bar!

What else is so fab about YouBooth?
YouBooth comes with a great prop kit which allows people to do more than just stand there and pose for a photo. The props bring out a sense of play and silliness that makes for more fun and engaging photos. Props can include empty frames in various sizes and paper lips and mustaches for all the masquerading fun! But -- here is the best part about YouBooth that I love (and my team knows how impatient I can be!), YouBooth prints out photos within 10 – 15 seconds for instant gratification! And, no event is too big for YouBooth – this powerhouse of a machine is capable of printing 550 4x6 photos or 330 5x7’s before needing a change of paper so it can run for hours and hours unattended.

Can I afford YouBooth for my event?

You betcha! You don’t need a huge entertainment budget to have YouBooth at your event. It’s reasonably priced and provides such a great entertainment value for your event that you may even want to order two for your larger corporate or social event! 
I cannot wait to put YouBooth into my own client proposals!  To find out more about pricing, give my friends at 5th Avenue Digital a call at 212-741-6427. Owner Elizabeth Beskin and Director of Sales Beth Baynum will be very happy to assist you!

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Have an “event”-ful weekend!!!