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Friday, September 3, 2010

It's All About YouBooth!!

Welcome to our next segment of “Feature Friday!” This week’s hot pick is the YouBooth from 5th Avenue Digital.

What is a YouBooth, you ask?  
YouBooth is a new streamlined and modern version of the old-fashioned photo booth.  5th Avenue Digital has deconstructed the old kind of photobooth, taking away the walls so people can move around freely in front of the camera. It’s a great entertainment element for corporate or social events – fun, interactive, and instant gratification as guests can have their photos printed out instantly to take home! What a great party favor for guests to walk away with at your event!
Ummmm…. what happens if my guests leave and forget to take their photos?
No need to worry because the folks at 5th Avenue Digital have got that one covered! They can send you the links to all your event photos so your guests can have copies for their website or photo albums or just to share with colleagues, family and friends.

What does C. Brower & Co love about the YouBooth?
Besides the fact that its tons of fun (and our design and production team loves fun!), we love that the YouBooth is compact and attractive, just like a piece of modern furniture. It’s a beautifully varnished birch wood chest with a plexiglass top, roughly the height of an average adult. For event designers there is nothing worse than having your guests walk into an event tripping over tripods and large set ups and gadgets that stick out like a sore thumb. YouBooth takes care of all that mess and blends right in creating an aesthetically pleasing look that draws people in because all the elements (camera, printer, paper) are self contained in the booth, giving a clean silhouette. Unlike traditional photobooths, this one is free standing with no cramped seating to squeeze into. You just stand in front of it, press the foot pedal and voila! Out come your photos!!  Pretty cool, huh?

Corporate clients – listen up! Social clients –you too!
YouBooth is available with a custom photo template that allows for branding for corporate events, or commemoration for weddings, Mitzvah’s, Sweet 16’s or other social occasions. The photo format can also be customized and programmed to deliver a series of images – two, three or even six images per sheet, in color or black and white and branded with your logo or message. In addition, YouBooth images can be simultaneously shown on large screens around the venue so everyone can share in the fun! Check out the latest video of YouBooth in action at the New York Methodist event at LaVenue. YouBooth was such a big hit that its line was bigger than the one at the bar!

What else is so fab about YouBooth?
YouBooth comes with a great prop kit which allows people to do more than just stand there and pose for a photo. The props bring out a sense of play and silliness that makes for more fun and engaging photos. Props can include empty frames in various sizes and paper lips and mustaches for all the masquerading fun! But -- here is the best part about YouBooth that I love (and my team knows how impatient I can be!), YouBooth prints out photos within 10 – 15 seconds for instant gratification! And, no event is too big for YouBooth – this powerhouse of a machine is capable of printing 550 4x6 photos or 330 5x7’s before needing a change of paper so it can run for hours and hours unattended.

Can I afford YouBooth for my event?

You betcha! You don’t need a huge entertainment budget to have YouBooth at your event. It’s reasonably priced and provides such a great entertainment value for your event that you may even want to order two for your larger corporate or social event! 
I cannot wait to put YouBooth into my own client proposals!  To find out more about pricing, give my friends at 5th Avenue Digital a call at 212-741-6427. Owner Elizabeth Beskin and Director of Sales Beth Baynum will be very happy to assist you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Feature Friday!  So you don’t miss out on any future Brower Power Feature Friday fun, join our blog or follow us on facebook and twitter!

Have an “event”-ful weekend!!!


Tiny Kim said...

This is so cute! Thanks for the great recommendation, I had no idea this even existed.

Elizabeth Beskin said...


C. Brower and Co: BROWER POWER said...

You're very welcome ladies! Hope you all get to do tons of business together!