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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We just joined this cool new site called Thumbtack!  Thumbtack.com is the marketplace to find your local service, changing the way people buy and sell services and products!

Check out our Link for C. Brower & Co Creative Events and let us know what you think!:
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Peace out!
The Brower Power Design Team!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Wishing you a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2012!!
Love from the Brower Power Design & Production Team!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Carribean Paradise - Create the Look for Less!

Hello everyone!  Its been such a long time since I've blogged!  So many exciting things have happened over the past several months and I'll be ready to share my new design package collections, and a brand new website next month!

In the meantime, summer is underway and plenty of brides are doing tropical weddings.  Below are some photos from one of our award winning, custom designed weddings that took place in the Hamptons at a vineyard. 

All Photography by Christopher Duggan Photography
A gorgous, vibrant bouquet of protea, circus roses and orange & yellow lillies.

The beautiful ceremony took place in the vineyard, with a custom bamboo chuppa.  Turquoise organze was flowing in the wind along with sheer tangerine colored chair sashes.  This made for gorgeous photo ops!

Reception table centerpieces consisted of cymbidium orchids submerged in water with thin bamboo rods with mokara orchids attached.  This sat upon a monstera leaf with bamboo table runner, and accents of bamboo votives.

For our DIY brides --you too can create a similar look for less for your cocktail hour centerpieces!  
Purchase a small bubble bowl vase and fill with green acrylic crystals.  Add water and float a protea flower on top.  Add a colorful placemat - either orange or tuquoise to pump up the volume and create that tropical atmosphere!  These simple items can be purchased at places like Michael's Craft Store or Christmas Tree Shops.  So what are you waiting for?  Create your tropical wedding paradise today!

Rock it out!
Christine  (aka Brower Power!)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Over the Top Cake Toppers!

Welcome to "Feature Friday!"
This week's hot pick?  Bling Cake Toppers

Bling Cake Toppers, based out of Ohio, make cake toppers and other cake and bridal bouquet decorations that are covered in Swarovski crystalsany letter and any number in just about any font.  If you want your cake to sparkle and dazzle, Bling Cake Toppers are the one for you!

We asked Diane Bradley, the owner of Bling Cake Toppers, how she got her start designing cake toppers, and here's what she said:
"I started the company because I have a knack for the arts and crafts. My aunt was turning 90 and I was responsible for planning the whole event. Turning 90 was cause for a major celebration and I wanted to put extra emphasis on the "90" at the top of her cake. I made my first cake topper and it looked fabulous! My husband was the person who inspired me to turn making cake toppers into a business. He saw me make the first topper and noticed that the activity was not a chore, but more of a labor of love and he planted the seed of "why don't you offer to make toppers like those for others who want them?" This was the start of Bling Cake Toppers."

What's so special about Bling Cake Toppers?
There are over 100 crystal color options to choose from!  Why, because Diane understands "bride speak", the language of brides.  What that means is, if your wedding colors are "pool blue" or "eggplant purple", Diane understands exactly what you are referring to and she can coordinate the crystals to match!

What does the Brower Power Design Team love about Bling Cake Toppers?
Bling Cake Toppers are not just for weddings!  They can be a fabulous addition for birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvah, quinceaneras, and any other event that has a celebratory cake.  And best of all, Diane can customize your topper!  They are not limited to just letters and numbers -- if you send Diane your image file that can be converted to a pdf, she can make your custom shape!  Super cool!!!

Can I afford a "custom" Bling Cake Topper?
The answer is yes!  Dont let the word "custom" scare you away from your perfect topper because you fear it will be to costly. Most times, there is no increase in price for a custom topper. Pricing is based per image/object, letter, or number. The price you pay is determined by the height you want your topper and is not dependent on the letter, number, or object you choose. Pricing range from $45 for the 3 inch height to $145 for the 6 inch height.

What other products does Bling Cake Toppers offer besides cake toppers?
Bling Cake Toppers also sells ribbon letters and keepsake stands and frames. Ribbon letters are covered in the same Swarovski crystals as the toppers and can be used to decorate any bouquet. This is an option for an unexpected flare for any bouquets and are a great option as a bridesmaid wedding gift.  And your cake toppers are much to pretty to only make a one time appearance at your premier event.  Get your name, date, or event title embossed on a wooded stand or shadow box frame and display your beautiful topper on the mantle of your fireplace, on your end table or nightstand, or hang in a special place in your home. These toppers make prominent statements well after the event is over and make for a wonderful conversation piece!

Contact Information:
Bling Cake Toppers
Diane Bradley
e-mail: diane@blingcaketoppers.com
(513) 259-7894
Follow on Facebook at Bling Cake Toppers
Orders may be placed securely online or feel free to email or call for additional information.

So what are you waiting for?  Get over the top with Bling Cake Toppers!

See you on the next Feature Friday!  In the meantime dont forget to join our blog and follow us on facebook and twitter @BrowerPower.

Have an "event"-ful weekend!
Christine & the Brower Power Design Team
at C. Brower & Co Creative Events

Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in a "SHINY" New Year!

Welcome to "Feature Friday!"
This week's hot pick? SHINY DESIGN

A Happy New Year to all our C. Brower & Co Creative Events fans and Brower Power blog readers!  What better way to ring in the New Year than with a cool new product for your next event! Ready to impress your client with something special? Then look no further than the folks at SHINY DESIGN!

SHINY DESIGN creates tension fabric structures for special events, tradeshows, and interior architecture. SHINY focuses on their new product line using light-weight aluminum alloy framing structures, making pieces that are the lightest, smallest to ship, and most cost-effective in the industry. The products are high-quality creative shapes that can be purchased at their full-service e-commerce store, or over the phone. SHINY also has large custom capabilities, and can provide a range of possibilities for projects big and small.

Lisa Marks and Lindsay Karich, the owners of SHINY DESIGN, work together in their Brooklyn studio, making clients visions become reality for their various events. All the products can be printed on, projected on, or simply stretched, letting your event SHINE!

We asked Lisa how she and Lindsay got their start in the event's industry and here's what she had to say:
We were both formally trained in Product design. My training at Parsons School of Design where I now teach 3-D CAD modeling, and Lindsay's from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I focused on tension fabric for use in furniture and after working in furniture and accessories for a couple years, I moved on to work in tension fabric for events. Lindsay focused on Products for interior special design, and her interest in exhibit design made a natural fit for tension fabric. After working together in the industry, we decided to go it on our own, bringing our ideas for different materials into the marketplace, and thus SHINY DESIGN was born.

What does the Brower Power Design Team love about SHINY DESIGN?
Besides the fact they are fellow Brooklyn-ites, we love the fact that SHINY DESIGN products come pre-assembled with framing already within the fabric, allowing for easy pop-up construction. No more heavy lifting, no more confusing construction drawings, and all pieces come with a simple rigging kit! Can I get a whoot-whoot!

Here's my favorite SHINY DESIGN product. It's called Ribbons but i call it "the new red carpet". This is way cooler than your boring old red rope and stanchion. And what a way to start the WOW at your next event!

But with everyone cutting their decor budgets, can I really afford SHINY DESIGN products?
Yes! (Quit your belly aching.) You can afford SHINY DESIGN products!
SHINY DESIGN products are for purchase, not for rent! So designers get ready to expand your inventory for much less than what you've been paying to rent tension fabric products, now you can own these products and reuse and reuse for every event, increasing your profit margin!
 Not only are their price points fantastic and you will save money on the cost of the framed pieces, but their new lightweight structures save you hundreds on shipping!  You receive packages that are a manageable size and shipped in regulations boxes, so there are no more oversized charges for your shipping.
Prices start as low as $33 for a two foot ceiling treatment Circle, $172 for a fout foot Aperture Spot, $595 for printed six foot branded circle and can range up to $1843 for a 10 foot custom branded Infinity Hanging Sign.

Contact Info:
Email Lisa or Lindsay at: info@get-shiny.com
Phone: (888) 407-3998
Fax: (610) 616-2575
Website: www.get-shiny.com
Online store: http://www.shop.get-shiny.com/ 
Join them on Facebook, Twitter @ShinyDesign and Linked-In!

So what are you waiting for, GET SHINY and Let Your Event Shine, with SHINY DESIGN!!

Wishing you all much success in 2011, and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!
Christine & the Brower Power Design Team
at C. Brower & Co Creative Events

Friday, December 3, 2010

Some "Ideal" Entertainment for Your Next Event!

Welcome to "Feature Friday!"
This week's hot pick: Ideal Ensembles

Ideal Ensembles is a group of musicians, string quartets & trios, specializing in writing arrangements of your favorite music for your wedding, anniversary party, corporate event or special occassion. When it comes to popular songs they strive to preserve the sense of the original while adding their own artistic twist. Their repertoire ranges from classical music, to The Beatles, to U2, to Billy Joel and more!

What's so ideal about Ideal Emsembles, you ask?
All of Ideal Ensembles performers are active performers in and around New York City. They are classical trained musicians and composers with extensive backgrounds in the arts and symphony's. They've perfomed in many of New York's famed hot spots including Cipriani's, the Central Park Boat House, Tavern on the Green, Oheka Castle, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and countless others!

We asked owner of Ideal Ensembles, Yury Shubov, to tell us a little about himself and how he got his start in the entertainment industry and here's what he had to say:
"I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and began studying violin at the age of 5. 
I was a member of several youth ensembles and performed on
Ukrainian television as well as in a variety of venues including The Odessa Opera House. After moving to the United States, I continued my music education through private study and at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City and then at SUNY College at Fredonia. I was the concertmaster of the College Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra, and was frequently invited to play with the Fredonia Chamber Players (currently known as the Western New York Chamber Orchestra.) Additionally, I led a string quartet that was often referred by faculty to couples looking to hire wedding musicians. After graduation, I returned to New York City and quickly integrated myself into the music scene.
As a wedding musician, I’ve worked for top music contractors and have performed for many high-profile clients. I play an average of 40 weddings a year. Every wedding brings the new challenge of creating the perfect ambiance for each individual client, a challenge that I am always happy to accept."

What type of services are available for events?
String quartets (2 violins/viola/cello) and trios (2 violins/cello or violin/viola/cello) are their primary focus, however, virtually any instrument can be substituted or added to an ensemble.
Duets and solo performers are also available.

Can I afford a string quartet or trio for my event?
The answer is YES!!!
Ideal Ensembles rates are more than affordable for your next event! Trios range from $600 - $900 for 1-2 hours, and Quartets range from $800 - $1200 for 1-2 hours.
(Note: Prices listed are as of 12.1.10 and are subject to change in 2011. Additional travel rates may apply based on location of your event.)

Contact Information:
For more information or to book Ideal Ensembles for your next event, contact Yury Shubov at info@idealensembles.com or 917.754.1938
Facebook: Ideal Ensembles

The team at C. Brower & Co Creative Events can't wait to work with Ideal Ensembles at our next event! Maybe I can get them to work on a Lady Gaga arrangement for me! Do I hear Paparazzi or Poker Face anyone?

See you on the next Feature Friday! In the meantime don't forget to become a blog follower and join us on facebook and twitter @BrowerPower!

Have an "event"-ful weekend!
Hugs and kisses and holiday wishes!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Something Old, Something New, "Something Heirloom", Something Blue

Welcome to "Feature Friday!"
Today's hot pick?  Emici Bridal

Dupioni Silk Flower Sash  $250
Something Old
What I love about the products by Marie Conrad, owner and designer extraordinaire of Emici Bridal - Heirloom Quality Bridal Accessories, is they evoke the feeling of being in a different era, that of a classic 1940’s wedding. One can imagine a beautiful bride walking down the aisle in a vintage gown wearing a beautiful silk sash with hand dyed, hand crafted silk flowers and rhinestone embellishments.

Catala Bloom Bridal Sash  $90
Emici has a wide range of bridal products for your special day including sashes, ring bearer pillows, hair and dress accessories, flower girl baskets, and even bridal bouquets! 
Many hours go into each of these works of art with hand picked fabrics that are grouped together and then cut, formed, embellished and added to the silk wrapped stems.

Every item is created and carefully constructed with great affection by Marie herself with the hopes that it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Ruffle Ring Pillow Collection  $110
Something New
Here’s a sneak peek at a new collection of ring pillows coming soon to Emici Bridal. These pillows feature silk ruffles in various shades and shapes. The photo to your right is created out of silk satin with an ombre hand dyed dupioni ruffle topped with a gorgeous rhinestone center. These creations are one of a kind as each hand dyed ruffle will have variations.

Fuschia & Orange Crush Silk Dupioni Catala Flower Bouquet  $520

Something Heirloom
I asked Marie what inspired her to start creating heirloom bridal accessories and how she got her start in the business. Here’s what she had to say:
“I first got started making bridal accessories about 10 years ago. I had a job in retail at the time so it was not really about making it my career. I just always liked to design and create so it was a great outlet. The progression is what interests me. Experimenting with new techniques, figuring out ways to seperate my designs from all the others. The challenge of creating something memorable for my clients using the best materials I can find. Inspiration comes easy, picking one new project to finish is the hard part. I have no less than 12 ideas I am contemplating at any given time. Some make appearances in my offerings and some hang around for months while I wait for the perfect finishing touches.”

Fleur de Lis Silk Dupioni
Lavendar Sachet  $20
Something Blue
Those of you who know the Brower Power Design Team know we love blue (just like our logo!) so it’s no doubt we would have to highlight one of Emici’s beautiful blue creations. The photo to your left is the Fleur de Lis Silk Dupioni Lavendar Sachet (set of two)  in a Robin egg blue embroidered silk dupioni with light brown ribbon. Thin satin ribbon attach to your rings and a ribbon strap across the back to help the ring bearer carry the pillow. It is hand tufted with a mother of pearl button on the back. Truly gorgeous!

Tulle Accent Feathered Silk Rapture
Rose Fascinator   $95
It’s no surprise to us these exquisite creations have been featured in Modern Bride Magazine, marthastewartweddings.com, Brides Noir and numerous e-zines and blogs.

Price Point
The price point for these heirloom treasures can range from $20 to $1600 so there is something for everyone at Emici Bridal!

Ivory & Cream Silk Catala  Jeweled
Bloom Bridal Bouquet  $900

Contact Information
If you would like to view more beautiful Emici Bridal creations, visit their website at http://www.emicibridal.com/ and become a fan of their facebook and twitter page.  If have any questions please feel free to email Marie at marieconrad@emicibridal.com

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Feature Friday!  Don’t forget to join our blog so you don’t miss out on any Brower Power Feature Friday fun!  Follow us on facebook and twitter!

Have an “event”-ful weekend!!