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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in a "SHINY" New Year!

Welcome to "Feature Friday!"
This week's hot pick? SHINY DESIGN

A Happy New Year to all our C. Brower & Co Creative Events fans and Brower Power blog readers!  What better way to ring in the New Year than with a cool new product for your next event! Ready to impress your client with something special? Then look no further than the folks at SHINY DESIGN!

SHINY DESIGN creates tension fabric structures for special events, tradeshows, and interior architecture. SHINY focuses on their new product line using light-weight aluminum alloy framing structures, making pieces that are the lightest, smallest to ship, and most cost-effective in the industry. The products are high-quality creative shapes that can be purchased at their full-service e-commerce store, or over the phone. SHINY also has large custom capabilities, and can provide a range of possibilities for projects big and small.

Lisa Marks and Lindsay Karich, the owners of SHINY DESIGN, work together in their Brooklyn studio, making clients visions become reality for their various events. All the products can be printed on, projected on, or simply stretched, letting your event SHINE!

We asked Lisa how she and Lindsay got their start in the event's industry and here's what she had to say:
We were both formally trained in Product design. My training at Parsons School of Design where I now teach 3-D CAD modeling, and Lindsay's from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I focused on tension fabric for use in furniture and after working in furniture and accessories for a couple years, I moved on to work in tension fabric for events. Lindsay focused on Products for interior special design, and her interest in exhibit design made a natural fit for tension fabric. After working together in the industry, we decided to go it on our own, bringing our ideas for different materials into the marketplace, and thus SHINY DESIGN was born.

What does the Brower Power Design Team love about SHINY DESIGN?
Besides the fact they are fellow Brooklyn-ites, we love the fact that SHINY DESIGN products come pre-assembled with framing already within the fabric, allowing for easy pop-up construction. No more heavy lifting, no more confusing construction drawings, and all pieces come with a simple rigging kit! Can I get a whoot-whoot!

Here's my favorite SHINY DESIGN product. It's called Ribbons but i call it "the new red carpet". This is way cooler than your boring old red rope and stanchion. And what a way to start the WOW at your next event!

But with everyone cutting their decor budgets, can I really afford SHINY DESIGN products?
Yes! (Quit your belly aching.) You can afford SHINY DESIGN products!
SHINY DESIGN products are for purchase, not for rent! So designers get ready to expand your inventory for much less than what you've been paying to rent tension fabric products, now you can own these products and reuse and reuse for every event, increasing your profit margin!
 Not only are their price points fantastic and you will save money on the cost of the framed pieces, but their new lightweight structures save you hundreds on shipping!  You receive packages that are a manageable size and shipped in regulations boxes, so there are no more oversized charges for your shipping.
Prices start as low as $33 for a two foot ceiling treatment Circle, $172 for a fout foot Aperture Spot, $595 for printed six foot branded circle and can range up to $1843 for a 10 foot custom branded Infinity Hanging Sign.

Contact Info:
Email Lisa or Lindsay at: info@get-shiny.com
Phone: (888) 407-3998
Fax: (610) 616-2575
Website: www.get-shiny.com
Online store: http://www.shop.get-shiny.com/ 
Join them on Facebook, Twitter @ShinyDesign and Linked-In!

So what are you waiting for, GET SHINY and Let Your Event Shine, with SHINY DESIGN!!

Wishing you all much success in 2011, and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!
Christine & the Brower Power Design Team
at C. Brower & Co Creative Events

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