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Friday, January 28, 2011

Over the Top Cake Toppers!

Welcome to "Feature Friday!"
This week's hot pick?  Bling Cake Toppers

Bling Cake Toppers, based out of Ohio, make cake toppers and other cake and bridal bouquet decorations that are covered in Swarovski crystalsany letter and any number in just about any font.  If you want your cake to sparkle and dazzle, Bling Cake Toppers are the one for you!

We asked Diane Bradley, the owner of Bling Cake Toppers, how she got her start designing cake toppers, and here's what she said:
"I started the company because I have a knack for the arts and crafts. My aunt was turning 90 and I was responsible for planning the whole event. Turning 90 was cause for a major celebration and I wanted to put extra emphasis on the "90" at the top of her cake. I made my first cake topper and it looked fabulous! My husband was the person who inspired me to turn making cake toppers into a business. He saw me make the first topper and noticed that the activity was not a chore, but more of a labor of love and he planted the seed of "why don't you offer to make toppers like those for others who want them?" This was the start of Bling Cake Toppers."

What's so special about Bling Cake Toppers?
There are over 100 crystal color options to choose from!  Why, because Diane understands "bride speak", the language of brides.  What that means is, if your wedding colors are "pool blue" or "eggplant purple", Diane understands exactly what you are referring to and she can coordinate the crystals to match!

What does the Brower Power Design Team love about Bling Cake Toppers?
Bling Cake Toppers are not just for weddings!  They can be a fabulous addition for birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvah, quinceaneras, and any other event that has a celebratory cake.  And best of all, Diane can customize your topper!  They are not limited to just letters and numbers -- if you send Diane your image file that can be converted to a pdf, she can make your custom shape!  Super cool!!!

Can I afford a "custom" Bling Cake Topper?
The answer is yes!  Dont let the word "custom" scare you away from your perfect topper because you fear it will be to costly. Most times, there is no increase in price for a custom topper. Pricing is based per image/object, letter, or number. The price you pay is determined by the height you want your topper and is not dependent on the letter, number, or object you choose. Pricing range from $45 for the 3 inch height to $145 for the 6 inch height.

What other products does Bling Cake Toppers offer besides cake toppers?
Bling Cake Toppers also sells ribbon letters and keepsake stands and frames. Ribbon letters are covered in the same Swarovski crystals as the toppers and can be used to decorate any bouquet. This is an option for an unexpected flare for any bouquets and are a great option as a bridesmaid wedding gift.  And your cake toppers are much to pretty to only make a one time appearance at your premier event.  Get your name, date, or event title embossed on a wooded stand or shadow box frame and display your beautiful topper on the mantle of your fireplace, on your end table or nightstand, or hang in a special place in your home. These toppers make prominent statements well after the event is over and make for a wonderful conversation piece!

Contact Information:
Bling Cake Toppers
Diane Bradley
e-mail: diane@blingcaketoppers.com
(513) 259-7894
Follow on Facebook at Bling Cake Toppers
Orders may be placed securely online or feel free to email or call for additional information.

So what are you waiting for?  Get over the top with Bling Cake Toppers!

See you on the next Feature Friday!  In the meantime dont forget to join our blog and follow us on facebook and twitter @BrowerPower.

Have an "event"-ful weekend!
Christine & the Brower Power Design Team
at C. Brower & Co Creative Events

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